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O U R  P O L I C Y

Policies, procedures, terms & conditions have been upgraded
We are moving towards a paperless intake form Studio



“SPALON” The Sugaring and Massage Spalon located at 3038 Hurontario St. Unit #1, Mississauga Ontario, L5B 3B9.  A Studio for all providing both medical and Esthetic services.


“SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT” The time you have booked with us either by phone or online for one or more of our services at the Spalon.


“SPALON STAFF” Anyone employed by the Spalon, such as but not limited to a Receptionist, Medical Esthetician, Esthetician, Registered Massage Therapist, Massage Practitioner, Sugah Mama, Service Provider and/or Back End Office staff. 



Please note, incoming calls at the Spalon are being recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.



NEW CLIENTS. Starting January 1, 2022, all new clients to the Spalon must book their first appointment online or create an online profile.  This is in our continued effort to address COVID-19 distancing protocols, and therefore, we are discontinuing the use of clipboards with paperwork and pens for miscellaneous services.  When you book online you will receive a link to answer screening questions before you come in. We require you fill these out before your first visit. Rebooking by calling or booking online for return appointments is still available. Please contact us if you require assistance with online booking.


If you are a new client, please select the “FIRST TIME” option through our “BOOK NOW” option. If you are not a new client, BUT this is your first sugaring appointment with the Spalon or if it’s been more than 6 weeks, please still book the “FIRST TIME” option through our “BOOK NOW” option. Please ensure you select the sugaring package for “First Time” clients ONLY. PLEASE NOTE: If you select a shorter maintenance option your esthetician can only complete as much as they can in the time that is booked and or we will charged/upgraded based on what we see so please choose accordingly.  


With respect to hair removal services provided by the Spalon, we understand that you may have less growth and not need the additional time remaining from your scheduled appointment. Therefore, we ask that you please make sure to select the appropriate service and time frame when booking based on your hair growth. 


When booking online, time and dates shown for Spalon Staff is based on availability. 



  • If you have ANY SYMPTOMS on the day of your appointment, we ask that you please DO NOT come in. PLEASE NOTE our cancellation rules under this policy still apply.

  • Prior to your first appointment, you will receive a link to answer some simple screening questions before you come in.

  • When you arrive, we ask that if you are early, so please phone us and ensure we are ready for you to avoid too many people in the clinic at once as we now have strict distance measures in effect.

  • The entire Spalon team will be wearing protective equipment when you arrive including a mask and gloves.  It is MANDATORY you arrive with a mask.  $2+ added to your bill if you don't have one. And if you CAN’T wear one, please let us know prior to arrival.

  • We ask that you sanitize your hands upon arriving and leaving the Spalon. There are hand sanitizers conveniently located throughout the Spalon and we have a sink to wash with soap and water in the back.

  • Tables, equipment, and all surfaces will be sanitized after each treatment & visits following current WHO COVID-19 approved standards. Towels, linen, and pillowcases are washed between each client. 

  • When you pay online there is less personal contact and it makes it easier for you to arrive for your service, receive your service, and exit through our back door.



WE ASK that you aim to arrive at our Spalon 19 minutes early in anticipation of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise that would result in you being late to your scheduled appointment and also in order to avoid any charges to you in accordance with this policy, if you were to arrive late for any reason.


At the time of your scheduled appointment, If you are not physically present at our Spalon for your appointment, please contact us immediately. 


This will allow for the Spalon Staff to make arrangements around your being late so that they may do as much as they can in the time they have left, or to reschedule your scheduled appointment along with a fee based on your time of arrival and based on the discretion of the Spalon Staff so as not to run behind for the next client and to keep our business running smoothly so as not to interfere with the positive experience or timely assistance to our other clients with scheduled appointments. * **



You will not be charged if you cancel NO LESS than 19 hours before the time of your scheduled appointment. However, if you cancel LESS THAN 19 HOURS before the time of your scheduled appointment, you will be CHARGED up to 100% of the cancellation fee or FULL PRICE of scheduled appointment. * **


Charges for canceled scheduled appointments are typically as follows, notwithstanding that Spalon Staff have the discretion of evaluating each case on a case-by-case basis and determining appropriate course of action is at the sole discretion of the Spalon Staff:


  • FIRST TIME: First same-day cancellation will result in a warning with a charge of up to 100% of your missed scheduled appointment.  That’s the cancellation fee. The charge to be determined and will be up to the discretion of Spalon Staff, in order to compensate Spalon Staff and/or Spalon accordingly.


  • SECOND TIME: Second same-day cancellation will result in a second warning and a 100% charge of your canceled scheduled appointment. That’s the cancellation fee. If said appointment was due for a 50% or more loyalty point discount, you will lose your loyalty discount and the full price will be charged.


  • THIRD TIME: This will result in a charge of 100% of your canceled scheduled appointment. That’s the cancellation fee and you will forfeit any loyalty discount, or any other discount and you will be charged the full price. We will then require a credit card prepayment for any of our services from the time of the third missed scheduled appointment onward. * **



If you do not show up for your appointment and you DO NOT CALL to cancel before your appointment, YOU WILL BE CHARGED AT FULL PRICE!  That’s the cancellation fee. * **



Here at the Spalon we are committed to providing you with the BEST possible service and overall experience by taking the utmost care of you.  For this reason, we do not offer refunds for services rendered, or for prepaid services, late cancellation fees or for gift certificates purchased from or at the Spalon. Not sure about a service? Not sure about a booking time? It is your responsibility as the credit-card holder to find out.  We encourage you to ask questions or research a service before committing to a purchase and/or booking.  

WE CAN, based on the discretion of our Spalon Staff and on a case-by-case basis, offer you a credit toward another service or product. Credits and gift certificates are transferable and can be used by a new or existing client. New clients will have to book online to go through policy protocol.  


PRODUCTS. We take hygiene protocols seriously and so due to the nature of our Spalon, we do not offer refunds for any services or products. All sales are final and are paid for before appointment or before entry to the Spalon treatment area.  Not sure about a product? We encourage you to ask questions and research a product before committing to a purchase.  


GIFT CERTIFICATES AND CREDITS. Any gift certificates or credits provided or purchased by you from the Spalon is your responsibility. Did your Spalon gift certificate expire? Still, want the service with us? You will pay the difference based on the current prices listed.


Due to the high traffic at our Spalon, gift certificate holders can book appointments during the week online. No gift certificates will be accepted on the weekends ie: Sunday's & Saturday's nor towards any extra monies due that will be collected before your treatment(s).  Gift Certificates and Credits used are with SELECTED services and or providers based on availability. 



We kindly ask ALL OUR CLIENTS to indulge in a shower before their scheduled appointment, in order for you to benefit from Spalon treatments and in order for our Spalon Staff to enjoy providing the service, we ask all to indulge in a proper shower at home before their appointment(s). In the event you need a shower at our location please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment, so it doesn't take away from your scheduled appointment.  



If you do not feel comfortable providing your credit card online or via phone, you can walk-in and once our reception is ready for you, we can arrange for an open slot for the service you want. Please understand that all COVID-19 Protocol is fully enforced at the time of your entering the Spalon. You can also arrange to send payment by way of e-transfer covering 100% of the total cost of your scheduled appointment to This 100% deposit to hold your appointment acts like a gift certificate and is non-refundable and our Cancellations and No-shows section of this Policy will apply.



With the hard hit of COVID-19, we don't have the team we started out with; therefore, we are taking full payment to secure your scheduled appointments. Until a payment is sent by way of e-transfer or until your payment is made or secured with a credit card, your scheduled appointment is not secured. 



We do not tolerate RACISM, DISCRIMINATION of any kind, nor LEWD or BULLYING behavior on any level and towards anyone on the Spalon premises.  In any event, if any of this behavior is deemed to take place in the presence of or directed to the Spalon Staff, or to any of our clients or at anyone on the Spalon premises, you will be asked to leave, and/or your session will end with a call to the Police. We are here to be treated with the same respect and professionalism in which we, the Spalon Staff, give to all our clients in all the services we deliver.  


We are currently the only company that serves the COED community.  Yes, we proudly cater to all communities; Men, Women, Gender Fluid, LGBTQ+.  Working with the entire body professionally. 



All Spalon Staff are trained, certified and/or licensed in their field. Why does this matter?  In the event the Spalon Staff that you've booked with for your scheduled appointment is not available, we reserve the right, to keep our phone lines free and focused on our present clients, to let you know once you arrive for your scheduled appointment, that we have assigned another qualified member of our Spalon Staff to look after you for your scheduled appointment.  



At the Spalon, we employ freelancers, therefore you are charged upfront, and we submit the claim for you. You may ask. "Why do I have to pay upfront?" You will receive your reimbursements within 48 hours, while for us it takes longer.  By paying upfront and allowing us to submit on your behalf, our workers get compensated faster for the service they have provided you.


Please note, only massage therapy modalities which are performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) are eligible for reimbursement. This is the case with most insurance providers, however, It is your responsibility to know what your insurance requires for reimbursement and how much or what percentage of the cost your reimbursement will be. Upon completion of your scheduled appointment with an RMT, please ask your RMT for a copy of a receipt. 



As a professional facility, we respect that you the client may have personal preferences with respect to gender, or for religious reasons and/or with respect to body comfort – please share these preferences when booking in the comment section so we can accommodate your preference with the right person from our team.


The Spalon reserves the right to refuse any sale and or service. Discounts and links to discounts often have conditions. Discounts will not apply outside of posted business hours, only during public business hours. Discounts are on selected services and or with selected service providers, on different days and/or hour slots.  Discounts are not applied to RMT, Lomilomi, combos, packages, products, other discounts, promos, or weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).  Have a promo code? Use it online to book during the week as it will expire, promo codes and discounts have the same conditions as mentioned above and won't work on Saturdays or Sundays.



Here at The Spalon, we don't require tips and/or gratuities. The biggest tip is when you return and refer others to us. In the event you still want to leave a tip or gratuity, you can leave it with the front desk to be distributed accordingly to the Spalon Staff. 



Our packages, duos and combo services are guaranteed services with the Spalon, however, what is not guaranteed is the Spalon Staff that originally may have been booked for your scheduled appointment.  Unforeseen circumstances may occur which may at a moment's notice, change the Spalon Staff member that was originally booked for your scheduled appointment.  If this is the case, you will be provided with a qualified person to act as a replacement for your scheduled appointment.


We understand that some of our Spalon clients would like to have their duo massages done at the same time, in the same room.  If this is your preference, please let us know when you book, or leave a comment stating same when you book online. We will do our best to accommodate you, however, the rooms used to accommodate two (2) Spalon clients at the same time are strictly based on availability. Also, please be aware that Covid-19 restrictions may not allow for room sharing by two (2) Spalon clients together at the same time.



If we are late taking you into your scheduled appointment, you will receive an immediate call/text/email with notice of pushing your scheduled appointment. Please book with a valid email address and or phone number so that we may contact you successfully.  If your scheduled appointment is delayed by us for any reason, we will still provide you with the same amount of time as per your scheduled appointment. The Spalon reserves the right to postpone appointments in the event of unforeseen circumstances. We will, however, do our utmost to contact our clients to inform them of any changes 3 to 19 hours prior to their scheduled appointment if it is possible to do so.



All photos or videos on our website or social media we have either paid for its use, or we have signed permission to use, or it has been created by us during training for commercial use.  Our location will never post anything without your signed permission.  We thank all clients for the before and after photos for commercial use.  If you have photos from a happy experience please tag us on social media @snm_spalo, or send to for Spalon Staff to review. 



Services and product purchases are plus taxes (HST).



Weren't impressed by a recent visit, service or Spalon Staff? We invite you to let us know thru email and we will get you back in order to attempt to make things better. We reward our clients for sharing feedback with us.  Email or this is what helps us grow and helps us build a proper and genuine rapport with you.  As a local business you mean THAT much to us, so we invite all levels of feedback, concerns, ideas, and more.


We prefer that you reach out to us first versus leaving a bad review, as your negative review might reflect badly on the Spalon and the entire Spalon Staff when really it was about that ONE worker that did not live up to our Spalon standards or the level of service that we strive to provide. If this is the case, we would like to know. 


* PLEASE NOTE: We, the Spalon Staff, reserve the right to waive or enforce fee(s) and/or charge(s) based on our sole discretion and on a case–by-case basis as well as banning repeat offenders due to lateness, cancellations, or no-shows alike in order to run our business in a smooth and profitable manner. Spalon Staff may require a credit card to book any future scheduled appointments. The purpose for this is to cover our cost for a no-show or last-minute cancellation. ALSO, any future ONLINE booking(s) may be disabled UNTIL payment for any fee(s) or charge(s) have been received and is up to the discretion of the Spalon Staff whether or not to disable and for how long.


** PLEASE NOTE: Clients who are on their cycle can still be seen as long as a tampon or menstrual cup is worn to their scheduled appointment. Therefore, please be advised that this is NOT a valid reason to cancel or not show up to a scheduled appointment. If you prefer to reschedule, please contact us NO LESS THAN 19 HOURS before your scheduled appointment in order to avoid a 100% cancellation fee based on the terms of our policy you agreed to and/or the discretion of Spalon Staff.


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