O U R  P O L I C I E S


We appreciate your business and understand at times things just don’t work out the way we would hope them too. we do our best to respect all.  Can't make it? Simply contact and let us know. We thank you in advance.


We take hygiene protocols seriously and so due to the nature of our Spalon, we do not offer refunds for any services or products. All sales are final and or paid for before appointment or before entry to the Spalon treatment area.  Not sure about a service or product? We encourage you to ask questions and or use those savvy gadgets called cell phones and research a product and or service before committing to a purchase.  Unhappy with a service? We invite you to let us know thru email or a call and we will do all within our means to get you back in here to fix or make things better.  Afterall we only win, when you return.

Spalon Etiquette

We do not tolerate Racism or discrimination of any kind, nor lewd behavior on any level. In any event, where this takes part you will be asked to leave and/or your session will end with a call to the Police. We are here to be treated with the same Respect we give you in all services delivered.  We are currently the only company that serves the COED community.  Yes Men, Women, Trans and more.  Working with the entire body professionally.

Our goal is for you to return because of a genuine passion filled Spalon service you received here.  Have a preferred service provider? We totally understand, simply book online or call 905 949 4944 and book with that person by name

Service providers

Note, all service providers are certified and or licensed in their field, yes it matters

Cancellation Policy

Sugaring & Massage Spalon and Mobile Massage in the City has a 19 hour cancellation policy. for booked services contact us before 19 hours to cancel, reschedule or transfer the service to another party. Your appointment time is set exclusively for you. please consider that “no shows” or last minute cancellations are a huge inconvenience to both our team members and turned away clients. 19 hours notice to cancel appointments or a 50% service charge will apply. no show appointments are subject to the full-service fee. No show/late cancellation fee will be required to pay that balance on their next visit.

Arrive 19 mins early to enjoy a tea before your scheduled appointment, use shower facility, and/or to fill out any required forms in order to ensure a full un-rushed service.


These are guaranteed services with S&M Spalon, not guaranteed server as unforeseen circumstances may occur.

Postponed Appointments

Sugaring & Massage Spalon reserves the right to postpone appointments in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The convenience of S&M Spalon's clients is of utmost value to us and as such S&M Spalon will contact and inform clients of changes no later than 3 to 19 hours prior to previously established appointment.  So please book with a valid email address and or phone number.

Voucher Holders

Voucher holders. Your voucher purchase is your responsibility with that company. Did voucher expire? Still, want the service with us? You will pay the difference based on the current prices listed.

Due to the high traffic at our Spalon, voucher holders can book appointments during the week 12 pm to 6 pm. Any extra monies due will be collected before your treatment(s).

Yes, we can price match, just call and ask.

The Sugaring & Massage Spalon team appreciates you again for your continued support. We take pride in quality, service and a continued passion for doing what we love, and loving what we do.


Here at The Spalon, we don't need tips. The biggest tip is when you return and refer others to try us out.  So just come back for more in all we offer.  "Understood, but I still want to leave something." In the event, you want to leave something we prefer you give it directly to whom served you this builds the rapport or leave it with the front desk. We appreciate the support.


Services and product purchases are plus taxes (HST)


Sugaring & Massage Spalon Inc reserves the right to refuse any sale and or service. Discounts/discount links have conditions. They will not apply outside of posted Business Hours, only during public business hours. Discounts are on selected services and or with selected service providers, on different days and or hour slots.  They aren't applied to RMT, Lomi lomi, combos, packages, products, other discounts, promos, on discount days like Sugah Mama Saturday's.  Have a promo code? Use it online to book as it may expire, promo codes have same conditions as mentioned above and wont work on Saturday or Sunday's.   

Thank you for understanding and cooperation

Feedback & more

Weren't impressed by a recent visit? Service or team player? Let us know, we actually reward our clients for sharing feedback with us.  Email info@snmspalon.com or spaloninthe6@gmail.com this is what helps us grow and helps us build a proper and genuine rapport with you.  As a local business you mean THAT much to us, so we invite all levels of feedback, concerns, ideas and more

Thank you in advance for reaching out Spaloner