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About The Logo


Our logo represents the essence of love for sugaring and massage. The anchor signifies the resilience required to excel in this field, to be a part of this industry, and to uphold the strength that both practices bring to our way of life and your life style. Spalon offers the ultimate fusion of spa and salon experiences for everyone to enjoy, yes even you!


The Numbers 19 and 49

49 holds a special significance in our pricing, as it is a tribute to a remarkable Jamaican aunty name Hyacinth. This incredible woman had a unique way of expressing herself, using "foty-9!" as a substitute for curse words when faced with unexpected situations like stubbing her toe. But her impact went beyond just her colorful language. As a child, she took the time to discuss difficult topics with the owner of the Spalon (her niece), topics that no one else wanted to address. This showed the strength and humor she possessed.


At the age of 19, the owner faced a traumatic experience that her parents didn't believe that occurred by friend of the family. Instead of letting it define her, she turned it into a positive choice by pursuing a career in massage therapy. Then, she was known as the mobile massage girl who traveled all over the city, treating countless people. Today she's the owner of Sugaring and Massage Spalon The challenges she overcame during her own journey have shaped her into an empathetic and understanding individual. She has trained and coached our staff to bring out their passion for the services provided. This way, when you visit us, you can expect an experience that is not only professional but also deeply personal. 19 seems to have a deep meaning for her, like a portal to the past. It serves as a lovely reminder of the value of embracing the present. Let's appreciate the now and be hopeful for what lies ahead.


On our YouTube channel and videos, we always include a message for those that might be struggling with mental health or thoughts of suicide. We believe that in the most subtle ways, reaching out to someone may make a difference. 

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