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Natural Nail Care

Exclusive to our Mississauga Studio clients

We work hard to give clients nail services that they love! Get nails suited for the occasion, we know you want to look your best for that special moment. That's why we offer services you can rely on at our Mississauga studio!

Only the Best for the Best

We proudly do ProHealth, CND™ SHELLAC™,, gel extensions, gel polish, and traditional nail polish.

We pride ourselves in what we do, and we do what we do in the best way possible and with only the best products. We also have traditional polish for those that prefer it.


We proudly use ProHealth base coats and CND™ SHELLAC™ for the best experience and more reliable nails.

We don't do acrylics. Why? Acryllic nails have chemicals that weaken your natural nails. 

Book now for a healthy, safe experience that will leave your nails looking and feeling amazing!

manicure pedicure

Manicures & Pedicures

Be ready for any event.

Get pampered with our professional manicure and pedicure services. Our skilled technicians offer meticulous nail care, shaping, and a wide range of gel polish options and designs to choose from. Have peace of mind when you know you have professional technicians working in a safe and clean environment. 

At our Mississauga location we offer and perform both traditional soak and waterless pedicure. 


Before Your Appointment

Some recommendations before coming in for your appointment:​

  • If getting a pedicure, avoid wearing closed shoes. Aim to wear open toed shoes instead!

  • Complete intake forms before your appointment time

  • Come in with clean, dry skin. Avoid putting anything on your nails or hands/feet that may prevent us from doing the service like creams, oils, or ointments

  • Arrive minutes before your appointment time

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