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Policies, Terms, Conditions in Full Force and Compliance


“SPALON”, "SNM", "Sugaring and Massage Spalon", "Sugaring & Massage Spalon", "the Spalon", "Spalon": The Sugaring and Massage Spalon of which two locations exist. One at 3038 Hurontario St. Unit #1, Mississauga Ontario, L5B 3B9; the other at 2100 Old Lakeshore Rd Unit #1, Burlington, ON L7R 1A3.  A Studio for all providing both medical and Esthetic services.


“SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT” The time you have booked with us either by walking in,  booking on the phone, or booking online for one or more of our services at the Spalon.


“SPALON STAFF” Anyone employed by the Spalon, such as but not limited to a Receptionist, Medical Esthetician, Esthetician, Registered Massage Therapist, Massage Practitioner, Sugah Mama, Service Provider, and/or Back End Office staff. 

Policies, Terms, Conditions in Full Force and Compliance

By accessing or using our website, booking through any of our booking channels, and by receiving any services at our locations, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions attached in this document/section. By further signing the end of the form you are going to sign, you agree and comply to the policies set in this document/section.

That means our policy is applicable in its fullest, it will apply to all present and future treatment bookings.

Incoming Calls to the Spalon

Please note, incoming calls at the Spalon are being recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.


All new clients to the Spalon must book their first appointment online or create an online profile.  This is in our effort to move to a fully digital environment in the long run. We aim to discontinuing the use of clipboards with paperwork and pens for services.  When you book or we book you, you will receive a link to answer screening questions and/or an intake form that we advise clients to fill out before coming in. We require clients to fill these out before their scheduled appointment. Rebooking by calling or booking online for return appointments is still available. Please contact us if you require assistance with online booking.

If you are a new client, please select the “FIRST TIME” option through our “BOOK NOW” option. If you are not a new client, BUT this is your first sugaring appointment with the Spalon or if it’s been more than 6 weeks, please still book the “FIRST TIME” option through our “BOOK NOW” option. Please ensure you select the sugaring package for “First Time” clients ONLY. PLEASE NOTE: If you select a shorter maintenance option your esthetician can only complete as much as they can in the time that is booked and or we will charged/upgraded based on what we see so please choose accordingly.  

Cancellation Policy

Due to the popularity and demand for Sugaring & Massage Spalon Inc. services, we have a strict 19 - Hour Cancellation Policy. We ask clients to remember that we have staff that work hard and we need clients for us to pay staff and cover our own expenses. By late cancelling an appointment or not showing up, you are wasting time that could have been used to gain another client. This is a huge loss and inconvenience for us and for others to have the chance to experience our services.

Clients are required to inform us of cancelations, changes in date/time, and/or changes in service(s) 19 hours before the scheduled appointment time. Failing to do so will result in the Cancellation Fee being collected as a 'Late Cancel".

If a client fails to show up within 15 minutes after the appointment time and fails to reasonably notify the Spalon they are attending; the client will be charged a 'No-Show' fee as part of our Cancellation Fee.

A 'No-Show' or 'Late Cancel' results in a full charge for the value of the service(s) booked, or the collection of the full deposit amount for service(s) that were to be rendered at the selected timeslot the client booked. This deposit would therefore be taken as a 'No-Show' or 'Late Cancel' fee. No-Show and Late Cancel fees are collected as the Cancellation Fee. Fee's collected as the Cancellation Fee in any form are non-refundable. If a client cancels 19 hours or earlier, the deposit will be issued as a credit that can be used towards a future visit of the clients choice.

If on the day of your appointment you decide to cancel or change your service to a lesser priced service, you will be charged for the new service, as well as any difference between whichever service was higher price service and which ever service was lower in price. For example, if a 30 minute massage is $68.49 and a 45 minute massage is $88.49 and on the day of your appointment you decide to change your service from 45 minutes to 30 minutes, you will be charged $68.49 in addition to to $20 as a cancellation for the 15 minute service reduction.

Canceling the booked appointment for said date and time, or rescheduling to another day beyond the 19 hours notice you agreed to is a Late Cancel/No-Show and results in the Cancellation Fee being collected.

Any future ONLINE booking(s) may be disabled UNTIL payment for any fee(s) or charge(s) have been received and is up to the discretion of the Spalon staff whether or not to disable and for how long.

Clients who are on their cycle can still be seen as long as a tampon or menstrual cup is worn to their scheduled appointment. Therefore, please be advised that this is NOT a valid reason to cancel or not show up to a scheduled appointment. If you prefer to reschedule, please contact us NO LESS THAN 19 HOURS before your scheduled appointment in order to avoid a 100% cancellation fee based on the terms of our policy you agreed to and/or the discretion of Spalon Staff.


In the event of a cancellation or no-show, a client has 3 options:

1.The client can walk in on the same day and wait on standby for the next available time slot to do their service (DISCLAIMER: this is subject to availability of staff, rooms, and resources). We do not guarantee availability or that the service will be completed unless there is the time and staff available to carry out the service.

2.The client can collect products for the pretax value of the service(s) booked.

3.The client can send family or friends in their place for the allocated booking date and time by giving us a call at 2266400938 emailing us at and informing us of the person(s) attending in their place.

To further elaborate and reiterate

If you have booked treatment(s) and need to cancel or make any changes to your booking(s), you must notify us at least 19 hours in advance. Groups and Parties must notify us one week in advance of their booking. A No-Show or Late Cancel results in a charge of the said Cancellation Fee for that scheduled appointment, for the value of the scheduled service(s).


No calls will be made to clients for any cancellations that are done within less than 19 hours. Our systems will auto-charge. Blocked credit cards/debits for Late-Cancellation/No-Show appointments will result in clients only being allowed to book online or by walking in. We also reserve the right to bar clients from attending our locations and receiving service due to this or fraudulent payments.

You agree that you will call 2266400938 and leave a message or you will email to cancel before the 19 hours.

Unfortunately, arriving late with or without notice will limit your treatment time, as we must honor our schedule so the next guest will not be delayed. This means getting the remainder of your allotted time, losing out on the selected staff, or not getting the service and having to wait on standby for the next availability if any. For massage sessions 5 minutes is your undress/dress time included in your booking. Should you arrive late and have your service shortened as a result, you will still be charged the full value.  


When you book a service with us using your credit card, a deposit of 20% to 50% will be taken automatically. If you cancel 19 hours or earlier, before the time of your scheduled appointment, your deposit becomes a credit toward a future service. If you cancel in less than 19 hours, your deposit becomes a part of the 'Late Cancel' charge of the Cancellation Fee and is non-refundable.

Collection of Payment

At the discretion of staff and depending on service rendered, we reserve the right to charge/collect payment from the client prior to their receiving of services booked. If a client leaves the store location without paying for whatever reason, we have the authority to charge the card on file.

Any future booking(s) may be disabled until payment for any fee(s), charge(s), or outstanding balances have been collected. It is at the Spalon staff's discretion on whether or not to disable/bar a client and for how long.


Services and product purchases are charged taxes (HST) of 13%. This is subject to change based on provincial and federal laws.

Price Adjustments

If a client has booked a certain service but it is understood/determined by staff that a different service is required to achieve the desired results by clients, an upgrade/maintenance fee will be applied i.e.: to nails, hair removal, lashes, tanning, and/or brows. It should be noted that due notice will be given to the client regarding any price adjustments. If the service has been done, the client agrees to pay after the service.

Authorization of Credit Card Use

The client agrees and authorizes the use of their credit card in person, or over the phone, or online. The credit card may also be used in compliance with the 'Cancelation Policy', 'Collection of Payment', 'Responsibility for Damages or Mess During Service' and 'Price Adjustments' sections of this document as well as exceptional circumstances where payment is required from the client. We may send you a 'Credit Card Charge Authorization Form' that the client agrees to fill. This form is to ensure the client is in agreement and aware of us using their credit card.

Third Party Credit Card Charge Authorization

The client agrees that to charge their card for another party, Sugaring and Massage Spalon needs the client/card holder's authorization.

By signing below you are confirming that you have authorized us to charge the card associated with your profile. This charge will be associated with the third party person whose name will be indicated in the reservation for the selected service(s) at the desired date mentioned. We may send a 'Third Party Credit Card Charge Authorization Form'.

Every time the client wishes to charge their card for another person, this form will be sent. This form will be located on the clients account for future references.

Alternate options? The client can always send a payment for the full service via e-transfer to OR come in person and pay with cash/debit.

Walk Ins

If you do not feel comfortable providing your credit card online or over the phone, you can walk-in and once our reception is ready for you, we can arrange for an open slot for the service you want. You can also arrange to send payment by way of e-transfer covering 100% of the total cost of your scheduled appointment to for Mississauga or for Burlington . This 100% deposit to hold your appointment is non-refundable and our Cancellation Policy is fully enforced regarding this.

Insurance Claim/Invoice for Massage Therapy

If you require an insurance claim/invoice for Massage Therapy the service and price, if necessary, will be adjusted to the rate set for our Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) services. By asking for insurance use, the client agrees to this service and price adjustment. The client also agrees to sign the required documentation, fill the required intake forms (digital/paper), and provide their photo ID (OHIP/Drivers License) and Insurance Card.

Please note that we cannot bill insurance agencies or issue manual invoices for missed/cancelled appointments, for Loyalty points, or for credited treatments.

Discounts and Promotions

No discounts will apply to combos, packages, RMT, Lomi lomi, Aromatherapy and/or after-posted promotion times. Loyalty Points/Promotion Cards/Discounts can only be redeemed/applied on weekdays Monday to Friday during operating hours. Promotions and discounts are subject to expiration based on the promotion that is posted.

Please note promotions like Sugah Mama Saturdays are only applied during the promo duration i.e.: are between the hours 10 am to 1:59 pm. Not applied at 2pm and/or after. Massage Monday's are to be booked online for promo to apply. Same for Twoffer Tuesday's & Facial Fridays.

S&M Spalon Inc reserves the right to refuse any sale and/or service. Discounts and links to discounts often have conditions. Discounts will not apply outside of posted business hours, only during public business hours. Discounts are on selected services and/or with selected service providers, on different days and/or hour slots. Have a promo code? Using them online to book during the week, promo codes and discounts have the same conditions as mentioned above and won't work on Saturdays or Sundays. Please note that discounts, rewards, and promotions cannot be used in combination or stacked. Only one promo, reward, or discount is applied per session/visit. If multiple services are in the session, the lowest price service will get the reward, promotion, or discount. 

Refund Policy

There are no refunds on Gift Certificates, Cancellation Fees, services rendered, treatments, loyalty points, credited treatments, rewards, prize winnings, or products.

Clients with a Gift Certificate or treatment booked by another party who do not show up for their appointment or cancel in advance will forfeit 100% of the Gift Certificate or treatment value.

Rightful Time Allotment

If you are made late for your service due to staff/technical/operational delays we will rightfully give you the full time of the service booked. This means if we take longer than necessary processing your documentation/payment, beyond reasonable means due to an issue on our end we will allot you your full time.

Your treatment time is exclusive to you, agreed to by you, and is the time slot that is booked by you, be it over the phone, in person, or online. The time slot and duration of time selected is the agreed upon time for your service. Sugaring and Massage Spalon has the right to allot the client nothing more than the agreed upon allocated time selected by the client or what remains of it shall the client be late. We must consider that other clients have booked and that a schedule exists and must be complied with. By filling out this digital intake form, you give consent and agreement to the policies mentioned within this form.

Arrival Time, Paperwork, and Documentation

Clients are advised to arrive 19 mins before their appointment time. This allows the client to have enough time if they did not submit intake digital intake forms, for payment processing, and for the signing of any documents that require signing in person. Shall the client arrive on their booked time without these being completed these tasks will be required to be completed and will take away from the allotted service time. Clients that do not arrive within 19 minutes of their appointment time will be classified as a no-show and charged the full 'Cancellation Fee'.

Responsibility for Damages or Mess During Service

Clients are responsible for significant messes/damages made to the interior of any treatment room, furnishings, linen, towels, or tools used during a service that are damaged by the intent of the client actions OR (voluntarily or involuntarily) if caused by bodily fluids (such as vomiting, ejaculation, blood, menstrual cycle, bodily waste/fluid, and/or fecal matter). There are fees charged to the client which are used to pay for these damages and to the technician(s) and/or practitioner(s) involved. In the event that you are charged a fee, you will receive an updated receipt/invoice. 

Client Hygiene Protocol

We kindly ask ALL OUR CLIENTS to shower before their scheduled appointment in order for you to benefit from Spalon treatments and for our Spalon staff to be capable of properly providing the service. We ask all clients to take a proper shower at home before their appointment(s). In the event you need a shower at our location please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment, so it doesn't take away from your scheduled appointment. 

Spalon Etiquette

Sugaring and Massage Spalon Inc. has a zero tolerance policy for lewd behavior, inappropriate remarks, inappropriate physical contact, racism, or discrimination on any level. We are here to be treated with the same respect and professionalism in which we, the Spalon staff, give to all our clients in all the services we deliver. All exercising such acts will have their session ended immediately and will be asked to leave the premises. If the offending client refuses to comply, our staff will be required to contact local authorities. You and/or your practitioner have the right to end a session at any time if uncomfortable. If at any time you are uncomfortable with the pressure or technique being used, music level, room temperature, or any other aspects of the service, please advise your practitioner immediately. There is no penalty for clients to rightfully speak up during a session for adjustments to their comfort. However, Sugaring and Massage Spalon is not responsible for refunding clients due to such aspects during the service needing adjustment. Please ensure all jewelry and personal belongings that may interfere in the performance of this session is removed prior to the start of the session.


We are currently the only company that serves the COED community. Yes, we proudly cater to all communities; Men, Women, Gender Fluid, LGBTQ+. Working with the entire body professionally. 

Personal Preferences 

As a professional facility, we respect that the client may have personal preferences with respect to gender, or for religious reasons and/or with respect to body comfort – please share these preferences when booking in the comment section so we can accommodate your preference with the right person from our team. Please note that we cannot always guarantee the preferences as they are subject to availability and our NBTA Clause.

Gratuities and Tips

We do not require tips and/or gratuities. The biggest tip is when you return and refer others to us. In the event you still want to leave a tip or gratuity for the staff member(s) that performed your service, you can leave it with the front desk. Tips are disbursed in a transparent manner to the staff that you issue the tip to only. There is no tipping pool or any other tipping types that we do.


Our packages, duos and combo services are guaranteed services with the Spalon, however, what is not guaranteed is the Spalon staff that originally may have been booked for your scheduled appointment. Unforeseen circumstances may occur which may at a moment's notice, can change the Spalon staff members availability that was originally booked for your scheduled appointment. If this is the case, you will be provided with a qualified person to act as a replacement for your scheduled appointment.

We understand that some of our Spalon clients would like to have their duo massages done at the same time, in the same room. If this is your preference, please let us know when you book, or leave a comment stating the same when you book online. We will do our best to accommodate you, however, the rooms used to accommodate two (2) Spalon clients at the same time are strictly based on availability.

Please note that combos cannot be combined with promos,  rewards, and discounts. In the event you want to use promos, rewards, or discounts, the combo will be removed and the lowest priced item will be given the promo/reward/discount.

Social Media

All photos or videos on our website or social media we have either paid for its use, or we have signed permission to use, or it has been created by us during training for commercial use. All individuals or parts of individuals shown have given their express consent to being presented in video, photo, or audio in our media. Our location will never post anything without the client's signed permission. We thank all clients for the before and after photos for commercial use. If you have photos from a happy experience please tag us on social media @snm_spalon, or send to for Spalon staff to review. 


Weren't impressed by a recent visit, service, or staff member? We invite you to let us know by emailing us at and we will get you back in order to attempt to make things better. We reward our clients for sharing feedback with us. Emailing us is what helps us grow and helps us build a proper and genuine rapport with you. As a local business you mean that much to us, so we invite all levels of feedback, concerns, ideas, and more.

We prefer that clients reach out to us first versus leaving a con review, as your negative review might reflect badly on the Spalon and the entire team when really it was about that one worker that did not live up to our standards or the level of service that we strive to provide. If this is the case, we would like to know. 

Postponed Appointments

If we are late taking you into your scheduled appointment, you will receive an immediate call/text/email with notice of pushing your scheduled appointment. Please book with a valid email address and/or phone number so that we may contact you. If your scheduled appointment is delayed by us for any reason, we will still provide you with the same amount of time as per your scheduled appointment. The Spalon reserves the right to postpone appointments in the event of unforeseen circumstances. We will, however, do our utmost to contact our clients to inform them of any changes 3 to 19 hours prior to their scheduled appointment if it is possible to do so.

Next Best Technician Available (NBTA)

In rare cases it may occur that the staff member you have booked with is not available due to personal issues, health issues, and/or exceptional working circumstances. While we appreciate and do our best to accommodate all technician and staff selections while booking, we may need to appoint the client to different staff. This is classified as the next best technician available. We will always do our best to appoint you to another experienced and certified team member so you are not waiting around. We will always try to put the client with staff that have the closest technique. No call will be made to the client. 

Varying Skills, Modalities, Styles, and Techniques

Please understand that our practitioners have specific skills and styles. If you have a strong preference for a style of massage please book ahead with a specific practitioner to avoid disappointment. For walk in's and last-minute appointments, late appointments that are on standby, we may not be able to accommodate your specific preferences. Your session time includes an assessment and discussion of your condition, including health questions, massage time, and demonstrations of self-care. Arriving sooner allows us to better understand what clients are looking for in a service and allows us to better accommodate them.

Further Notes

Please do not arrive in groups or with excessive baggage/luggage. Leave extra baggage in your vehicle, at your hotel/home. This is our way of controlling traffic.

Unforeseen circumstances at our locations may force us to cancel your appointment with an email, text, and/or phone call as soon as we can. 

Thank you always Spalonerz for your cooperation, understanding and especially the support

S&M Spalon Team


Clients that are not in agreement with our policies, terms, and conditions, are requested to refrain from booking with us alternatively, you can walk-in instead and pay at the front desk with cash or debit, committing to the time slot booked in that instance. 


Cancellation Policy
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