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Passionately Mobile Since 1999

What started out as a side hustle in 1999 became a true passion of offering a massages like no other. MMITC has driven all over the GTA from hotels to homes, nursing homes, offices and events all to bless the attendees with our talented hands. After working in this manner for as long as we had, we decided that this passion needs to be shared with more than just the mobile audience, it needs to be shared in studios where both clients and staff can grow to love this industry. So many years have passed, we still have that passion still alive. 

Mobile Massage
Mobile Massage in Action Seneca College
UTM Wellness

For the past 7 years, we've had the pleasure of being part of UTM's Wellness Event where we get to show how massage and wellness go hand in hand. During the event, we provide massage services and relaxation therapies to relieve tensions and stress for students and faculty alike. 

Mobile Massage In The City has been able to help the amazing students and staff at UTM with much-needed relief using head and scalp massage, chair massage, and back/shoulder massages. MMITC is available for your next Corporate work event too.

Businesses That Have Used Our Service
Be Well Fair UTM
Dreamm Flooring
Honda Motors

Looking to have us at one of your events? Feel free to reach out at:

5 hours plus travel + 2 practitioners

5 hours plus travel + 4 practitioners

- We have a 4-hour minimum

- 50% Non-Refundable Deposit

- 2-week cancellation notice is required

- Travel costs are additional

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