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We Believe In Community Involvement

We believe in being a part of our community.  Just as they love us, we love them. Simple!

For the past 7 years, our team has been attending the University Of Toronto Mississauga's on campus Wellness Event, providing them with our Mobile Massage In The City service. During this event, we show everyone how massage and wellness go hand in hand by providing massage services and relaxation therapies. We do this to help relieve tensions and stress experienced by students and faculty alike. 

Our team spends their time wisely helping everyone by providing head and scalp massages, chair massages, and back/shoulder massages. 

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Sugaring & Massage Spalon has had the privilege of working with the National Diabetes Trust (formerly known as Clothesline), Canada’s largest charitable clothing and small household goods collection service and a part of the social enterprise of Diabetes Canada. By working with Diabetes Canada we donated items to those in need like clothes, sheets, towels, products, kitchen items, and more  from both clients and staff.

By being a part of this program, we are part of a bigger effort that diverts more than 100 million lbs. of clothing and household items from landfill sites across Canada. This translates into savings of 1 billion kWh of energy - Equivalent to removing 212,087 cars from roads - Saves 7,257.44 mature trees- Conserves 167,828.30 liters of water - and reduces our carbon footprint by 280 million pounds of CO2. All while assisting those in need! 



We attended the Taste Of Cooksville event where we got to reach out to our community and learn more about the historic Cooksville area. Cooksville is considered the food capital of the Grater Toronto Area! Want to sample multiple tastes in one place? Be sure to attend!


On our YouTube channel and videos, we always include a message for those that might be struggling with mental health or thoughts of suicide. We believe that in the most subtle ways, reaching out to someone may make a difference. 

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