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8 Reasons For Men To Visit The Spalon 

Updated: Apr 1

The spa has gained a reputation as the ultimate destination for women seeking a relaxing getaway. However, in recent times, there has been a significant increase in the number of men visiting spas, accounting for around 47% of spa-goers. Men have embraced grooming and self-care as a way to express their personal lifestyle. From manscaping, to neatly manicured nails and or that deep cleanse facial, men are fully embracing the spa experience. It's important to debunk the myth that spas are exclusively for women because anyone can enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of a spa visit!

The average spa is typically associated with women who lead busy lives and juggle multiple responsibilities. However, there is absolutely no reason why men should be excluded from enjoying the spa experience.  It seems that having a well-groomed male body has become quite the trend, and we certainly don't mind men taking care of their physical and mental well-being. That's where we come in, we recognized this and are offering specialized treatments for men, such as sugaring hair removal, body scrubs, massage therapy and more. Here at Sugaring & Massage Spalon, our schedule is often filled with male clients. In fact, our most popular services among men are sugaring, massage, pedicure, and or facial treatments.

The 8 Reasons

So let's get right into it. Here's our 8 reasons for men visit the Spalon. The first reason? So they can get away from their spouses...juuuust kidding! Had to make sure we had your full attention.


Taking a break from the outside world is one of the reasons why our kings seek a booking here. They book a massage because it provides a much-needed escape, allowing them to relax and rejuvenate. The 2-hour or 90-minute treatment is particularly popular as it offers ample time for them to rest and recharge.

Self Care

Taking care of their appearance is a priority for our esteemed Kings. Many of them prefer manscaping as it offers numerous benefits. Sugaring, in particular, is a popular choice as it is less painful compared to waxing, provides longer-lasting results than shaving, and gives their body a sleek and well-defined look. Moreover, it frees up their time to engage in other activities such as going to the gym, meeting friends, or focusing on work, instead of being stuck in front of the bathroom mirror, tediously shaving and dealing with the aftermath.

The Spalon

It can be challenging for men to find a suitable and professional place to address all their grooming needs, including services like the manzilian. Many clients feel the stress of searching for a location that caters to removing chest, leg, or back hair but falls short when it comes to the more sensitive areas. At our Spalon, we understand these concerns and are dedicated to providing comprehensive hair removal services, including the manzilian. Our team is well-trained to handle any situation that may arise, ensuring a comfortable experience for all our clients. By booking with us, men can feel confident in receiving a wide range of full body hair removal options such as sugaring, nufree, threading, and trimming.


Men's feelings matter too. It's unfortunate that many Kings have had negative experiences during pedicures, leading them to avoid going back. But here at the Spalon, we see the opportunity to change that. During a relaxing massage, we notice feet in need of care. This is our chance to introduce our Kings to a proper mani-pedi experience. They can sit back, watch a movie, and let us work our magic. Clean, cut, and shaped nails not only look professional but also promote cuticle health. We take this time to educate them on the benefits of regular nail care. One man even mentioned feeling like he walks differently now, while another said his shoes aren't as tight. Most men aren't aware of the advantages of nail care, but we welcome them with open arms at the Spalon. We're here for you, Kings!

Scrub the stress away.

No matter what your lifestyle is, whether you're into sports, construction, office work, or street work, wearing the same clothes all day can create opportunities for bacteria to thrive. That's why our kings thoroughly enjoy a good body scrub.

Body scrubs are an amazing way to keep your skin clean and healthy by exfoliating dead skin cells. They help prevent chafing, body odors, and itchy skin, giving you a fresh and rejuvenated feeling.

Men, in particular, are attracted to this Spalon treatment for various reasons. Not only does it feel great to have clean and smooth skin, but it also boosts confidence and improves overall well-being. At S&M Spalon, we fully support our kings indulging in Spalon treatments and we would love to be a part of their journey towards enhanced self-care.

Spoil Me 

It's completely normal for a man to want to treat himself at the Spalon! You deserve it and it demonstrates a sense of self-care and good grooming habits. It's important to note that this relaxing experience is not exclusively for women. What sets our location apart is that returning clients have their favorite staff members, as each one brings unique talents that keep you coming back for more. We highly encourage everyone to give a trip to the Spalon a try – we guarantee they won't be let down!


We have a deep understanding of our male clients and their shopping preferences. It is evident that younger men tend to gravitate towards online shopping, as it offers them the convenience of making quick and anonymous purchases. On the other hand, older men tend to lean towards shopping in physical stores, as they value the ability to smell and touch the products before making a commitment.

Conversation & Loneliness

We understand that there are times when all we need is someone to talk to, especially when we're feeling lonely. When you schedule a treatment with us, you have the option to decide whether you'd like to engage in conversation or not. Our main focus is to help you combat loneliness and make your appointment tailored to your preferences. We truly understand your needs and our goal is to provide a visit that suits you perfectly.

So there you have it, the primary reasons why men frequent The Spalon is to take a break from their daily routine, relax, and rejuvenate, all things that can be done here at your 1 Stop Spalons located in both Burlington and Mississauga

Treat that special guy in your life to a luxurious Spalon day or surprise him with a gift card that will leave him absolutely hooked! It's time to go beyond material things and give the gift of unforgettable experiences.

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Read about Male Loneliness Here

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