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Out With The Old, In With The New: Say Hello To Our New Booking Platform

Updated: May 8

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We are excited to announce some significant changes that we've made since the beginning of this new year to enhance your experience with us. We listened to your feedback and introduced a dedicated front desk, allowing our talented estheticians to focus solely on you in the back. But that's not all! We have also upgraded our booking platform based on your overwhelming preference. For example, upon booking a massage treatment with us, you can now choose from a list of options, including requesting a "silent appointment," as well as adding your favorite products at a discount to be included with your service at check-in.

We have been awarding loyalty points as a good will gesture to every client who fills out their intake form in order to update our new booking platform. That's correct, you'll earn points to be used as rewards to streamline your experience even further.

scammers that steal card information go to jail

Another reason we've updated our booking platform is because we take fraud very seriously and are committed to protecting private information. In March 2024, we successfully exposed four individuals who were found to be using credit cards that were not rightfully theirs. By fighting this type of fraud, we protect members of the community from things like identity theft. It also helps businesses like us to keep our service prices from going up significantly to compensate for any loss.

spalon community

We do our best to know our clients as much as possible while safeguarding their personal information. In doing so, it allows us to give you the best service possible and to protect our business, our team and our clients as a whole.

Therefore, please be patient with our front desk staff when we request certain information from you, including providing your identification and completing the credit card authorization form. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to providing you with an exceptional experience.

Ready to book with us and try out our new system? We can't wait!

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